Marathe InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. is Parent Company of Maharashtra Industries Directory a company with 30 years of experience in publishing of Industries Directory, having published 16 editions of Maharashtra Industries Directory & 6 Editions of Gujarat industries Directory. It has got a strong network in entire Maharashtra, Gujarat having a Regional offices in Pune, Ahmedabad & Marketing network spread in every nook &
corners of Maharashtra & Gujarat.

Since the evolution of INTERNET the company introduced Website Designing, Developing & promoting services along with the print media,
so as to give the maximum coverage to its Clients.

We are now specialized in promoting the website to the top rankings in the various Search Engines such as Google.com, Yahoo.com, altavista.com etc.The concept was widely accepted by the clients & the company has developed more than 2000 websites as off now.

To put up an Additional Feather in our Cap of Achievements we are now Google Adwords professional. This accreditation is given only to Select Individuals & Companies who manages to pass through the stringent requirements put in by Google.So in short now we are Professionals Certified by Google to release adverti ments in Google.com & its network & partner sites.A company dedicated to producing quality work & exemplary customers services backed by years of real world experience,expertise & infrastructure.We are a very well established company located in Thane, Mumbai, in its own Building sprawling 4000 sq. Ft. with a state-of-the-art development center, which is constantly developed & updated with the latest Technology. We do posses a strong team of Software developers, Web designers & Web Marketers.


‘INTERNET’ is not just connection of Computers throughout the world, but it is connection of Minds too.

In this Growing World of INTERNET, we intend to be a world-class ‘IT’ solution provider, linking man & computers in an efficient & effective manner.


To continuously strive to achieve highest standards of quality in providing IT solutions in the concurrence with clients expectations.


1. Website Design
2. Search Engine Optimisation
3. Pay Per Click Advertisement
4. Publications
5. Industrial Exhibition / Trade Show : MAHATECH


Website Design
We are in this field from 1998, we have Designed and Promoted more than 5000 websites.

Web Design Expertise

We rely on latest Website designing techniques including multimedia, graphic tools, precise software development standards to ensure great functionality and stunning effects. before starting the website design we study your business priorities, analyze your requirements, select tools and technologies required for most effective Website design.
We design a website in such a way that it is familiar with search engines and due to which your website rank in top positions on all
search engines. search engine optimisation is an important part of website promotion, we always keep in mind the requirement of search engines while designing the website. To get immense of sales enquiries it is most important that website must be designed by considering all requirements of search engines.

Website Design, Hosted and Promoted by Us

  www.smacocranes.com   www.shantaengineering.com
  www.internationalsprings.com   www.internationalequipments.com
  www.chemtronicsindia.com   www.unitechtransformers.com
  www.hararamaplastic.com   www.saiengrs.com
  www.shivacontrols.com   www.spectralabinstruments.com
  www.recmann.com   www.isgorings.com
  www.chemicalequipments.com   www.bmpequip.com
  www.hmgind.com   www.acmeprintengg.com
  www.trimiti.com   www.sparkweld.net
  www.conveyordepl.com   www.bombaypharma.com
Search Engine Optimization.....

What is Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) ?

earch Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is the process of improving the volume and quality of Traffic to a web site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a subset of Search Engine Marketing ( SEM ), The term SEO can also refer to "search engine optimizers, It is basically industry of consultants, who carry out website optimization projects on behalf of their clients.

Why Seo is important?

There are more than 3 billion websites in World Wide Web, and More than 92% of people use search engines to find sites, above facts shows that how important search engine optimisation is

Search engine optimisation is often overlooked but it is the Most Important thing for success on the World Wide Web ( www ), few of our clients references and proof of our success given below.

We undertake your website SEO work and move your website up in the search engine rankings, if you are not on the first or second page you are missing nearly all your potential business from the web.

Professional SEO work from MIPL can place your website in top positions in Google and many other major search engines.

How we optimise the web site ?

If your website is already designed then we suggest you the changes which we think proper as per search engine requirement, and if you are going to design the new website then we suggest you what important points cover at the time of design. writing copy to giving advice on site architecture and helping to find relevant directories to which a site can be submitted, It is better that you consult SEO before you design website.


What we do for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Submission

1) SEO is the process that will make your website search engine friendly and is the first step in website promotion.
2) Understanding your products, Choosing the right keywords or phrases that describe your product.
3) Using these keywords and phrases with the right prominence and frequency throughout the text. Having the right amount of text to satisfy the search engines.
4) Placing these keywords in meta tags, and alt tags with the right prominence and frequency in the HTML code.
5) Creating links from other relevant websites to yours to improve your link popularity and therefore improving of your ranking with many of the search engines.
6) Some Search Engines Required 6-8 weeks to show listing, as soon as they started showing we will provide you Search Engine Ranking Report.
7) We make sure that your website will appear in the first 3 pages for the keyword phrases provided by you.


Sample Promotion Report to Show how our Websites are Appearing in Google.com

Sr. No.



Google Ranking



Filteration Equipments

7 listings on page 1 & 8 listings on page 2



www.neotechboilers.net  www.maharashtradirectory.com  www.asianboilers.com

Baby Boilers

All First 5 listings



www.maharashtradirectory.com  www.jaycocranes.com  www.smacocranes.com  www.shreecranes.com

EOT Cranes

First 4 and 9 th rank




V Wire screens

5 listings on page 1



www.maharashtradirectory.com  www.jaycocranes.com  www.smacocranes.com
www.shreecranes.com  www.isharhoist.com

HOT Cranes

6 listings on page 1



www.hmgind.com  www.aditiassociate.com  www.rajscientificind.com  www.skylabinstrument.net

Bacteriological Incubator

5 listings on page 1



www.parsonequipments.com  www.isharhoist.com  www.maharashtradirectory.com

Flame Proof Hoists

4 listings on page 1



www.maharashtradirectory.com  www.gidonline.com  www.neotechboilers.net  www.sazboilers.com

Non IBR Boilers

5 listings on page 1



www.preciweigh.com  www.nitirajengrs.com 

Electronic Weighing Scales

3 listings on page 1




Electronic Weighbridge Conversion Kit

first 7 and 9th




Electronic Weighbridge

7 listings on page 1




Mechanical Weighbridge

first 5 and 7th




Weigh Bridges

2 listings on page 1



www.maharashtradirectory.com  www.artificialsand.com   www.crushedsand.com

Artificial Sand

5 listings on page 1



www.maharashtradirectory.com  www.bombaypharma.com 

Pharmaceutical Equipments

2 listings on page 1




Vibro Sifter

2 listings on page 1



www.skylabinstrument.net  www.classicscientific.net

Cooling BOD Incubator

2 listings on page 1



www.maharashtradirectory.com  www.shantaengineering.com 

Universal Testing Machine

2 listings on page 1




What our Clients say about us Success Stories

Search Engine Marketing - ( SEM )

Search Engine Marketing, is a form of Internet Marketing that seeks to promote websites by increasing their visibility in the Search Engine result pages ( SERPs ). According to the Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization, SEM methods include : Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), Paid Placement, and paid inclusion.

In Paid Placement we do Pay Per Click ( PPC ) Advertising on Google, Yahoo and MSN, We are Google Adwords Qualified Professionals.


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What is Pay Per Click ( PPC ) ?

Pay per click (PPC) is an advertising model used on search engines, advertising networks, and content websites / blogs, where advertisers only pay when a user actually clicks on an Ad to visit the advertiser's website.

When people search on Google, Yahoo or MSN using one of your keywords, your ad may appear next to the search results. Now you're advertising to an audience that's already interested in you. People can simply click your ad to make a purchase or learn more about you.

Maharashtra Industries Directory MAHARASHTRA  INDUSTRIES DIRECTORY
(17th Edition) with FREE CD

The directory is a Unique Publication having 1800 Pages and 45,000 Manufacturing Units are listed under 4000 different Product Headings. All the entries are classified Product wise and District wise. Each listing includes Company’s Name, Address, Telephone, Fax Numbers, E-Mail and Web Address, Contact Person, respectively from all over Maharashtra.
Total 10 Sections are covered viz. Mechanical Engineering, Machinery, Metallurgical Engineering, Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation, Chemicals & Scientific Glass, Paper, Packaging and Timber, Plastic, Fibre-Glass, Leather and Rubber and Miscellaneous and Services Industries, Consultancy and Laboratories, Textile, Food, Glass, Transport, Travels and Tours.
(6th Edition) with FREE CD

The directory is a Unique Publication having 850 Pages and 20,000 Manufacturing Units are listed under 4000 different Product Headings. All the entries are classified Product wise and District wise. Each listing includes Company’s Name, Address, Telephone, Fax Numbers, E-Mail and Web Address, Contact Person, respectively from all over Gujarat.
Total 10 Sections are covered viz. Mechanical Engineering, Machinery, Metallurgical Engineering, Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation, Chemicals & Scientific Glass, Paper, Packaging and Timber, Plastic, Fibre-Glass, Leather and Rubber and Miscellaneous and Services Industries, Consultancy and Laboratories, Textile, Food, Glass, Transport, Travels and Tours.

Industrial Exhibition / Trade Show : MAHATECH
MAHATech 2009 Maharashtra Industries Directory Proudly Presents ...........
An Exclusively Industrial Exhibition

MAHATech 2009 is Maharashtra Industries Directory's Fifth offering after a highly successful presentation of Mahatech 2004,2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 . The exhibition will display state-of-the-art technologies, equipments, accessories, services from Indian & International players in each section. MAHATech 2009, like its predecessor, will provide an insight into the shape of things to come and inspire overall industrial growth.

Industrial Trade-fairs has gained worldwide acceptance as an unsurpassed medium to attract the right the type of audience and ensure maximum benefit to its participants. With this in mind Maharashtra Industries Directory, with the foundation of it's unique publication, has entered the field of Industrial Exhibitions and Technical conferences covering a wide range of industries sectors.

Google Adwords Qualified Professional
Google Adwords
Qualified Professional

The PPC Benefits Includes :

  Instant Results : If Managed Correctly it can Produce Significant Results in a short time,
   sometime even minutes.

  Your Advertisement. Shows only to those users who are really interested in your products.

  Geo-Targeting (Marketing to Specific Countries / Languages)

Requirements for Good PPC Campaign :

  Write best description for your campaign.

  Try to cover keyword in title as well as in description.

  Place different campaign for different keywords.

  Make upper lower case in display url because it catches the user's attention.
We provide Pay Per Click ( PPC ) facilities on

Google, Yahoo, MSN

1) Google

2) Yahoo

3) MSN